Kyle Arkansas

Kyle Arkansas

Kyle, better known as “Kyle Arkansas”, is a licensed body piercer at Black Cobra Tattoo.

From an early age, Kyle knew he wanted to work in a tattoo shop and to ultimately become a piercer. He started his apprenticeship in 2007 and became licensed in 2008. Since day one, he has woken up excited to come to work and has tried to make every piercing better than the last.

Treating every client with the respect they deserve, and giving them the best experience possible is what Kyle strives for and is now what he is known for. Having a strong retail management background helped create his outstanding customer service skills, and continues to play a role in his professionalism.

Kyle proudly attends the annual Association of Professional Piercers conference where he takes classes on safety, new piercing techniques, piercing aftercare etc. Expanding his knowledge and keeping up with current trends is something he is passionate about.

Kyle only uses implant grade, internally threaded jewelry that is APP approved for his initial piercing jewelry. Taking the time to sit down with clients and talk about jewelry possibilities and also showing them new styles and designs is one of his favorite parts of the job.

Because he has been piercing in Sherwood since 2008, he has built an amazing return clientele but always welcomes newcomers. People often leave positive reviews about their experience and how comfortable they felt while being pierced by Kyle. He is always thankful when someone goes out of their way to leave an honest review, but one review in particular sticks out and he would like to share it. Here’s one.

I’ve been coming to see Kyle for around five years now (my first experience was at a different shop), and he absolutely never disappoints. First, he is the most down to earth and chillest guy I’ve ever met, which makes working with him FUN, and I always leave slightly bummed that he’s not one of my close friends.

Secondly, he’s extremely knowledgeable, not to mention his top quality skill level is consistently on point. I’ve made the unfortunate decision to get pierced by others, due to my impatience, and the regret is real. He refuses to offer anything less than what meets his level of standards, which one would think is humanly impossible to actually achieve, but he nails it every single time.

Third, the jewelry he has available is beautiful but his willingness/eagerness to help create and order exactly what you want, is awe-inspiring. All that being said… When you work with Kyle, you know he loves his job; his joy creates joy within you, and the fact that his talent supersedes most others that I know of, is just freaking icing on the cake.

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