Maia Brouillette

Maia Brouillette

The tattoo shop had always been a second home to Maia. Maia Brouillette’s dad was a tattoo artist for most of her life so she was always hanging out in a tattoo shop. She remembers being as young as four years old behind the counter of the shop tracing flash on a light table and then coloring it.

She continued to draw as she got older. A basic mechanical pencil was always her go-to and she became interested in drawing realistic subject matters like people, animals, and nature.

As she progressed through college at Pulaski Tech, she became less interested in the books and more drawn to art. She got her Associates degree in 2018 and shortly after, started her apprenticeship under Matt O’Baugh at Black Cobra.

Since then, she has learned so much about what makes a great tattoo and what makes a great artist in general. Everyone at Black Cobra, including the clients, are constantly pushing each other to improve. It is very important to Maia that every client gets a custom, quality tattoo, along with an unforgettable experience.

When tattooing, Maia really enjoys exploring different styles and subject matters & she is always down for a challenge. Whether it be traditional, new school, black and grey, realistic, or lettering, Maia will always do her best to give each client an original design that they will love and that she will have fun with.

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